New Year…New Beginnings

by Elizabeth L.

As I enter into my last semester of college I’ve realized that I am officially stepping out of my childhood and into a world that is completely unknown. I don’t know how to buy stock or what it takes to make a down payment on a house and four months from now I will be broke, scared and (in this economy) most likely unemployed.  As 2011 begins I have already started a list of New Year’s resolutions and although I hope to be more organized and look amazing in time for swimsuit season I’m  also hoping to do a little more this year. My new beginnings(as an official adult) are going to start with this blog. I have always loved writing, it doesn’t matter what the topic, give me a pen and paper and I’m in heaven. Kissed by Couture is going to be about (mainly) fashion, beauty, health and travel..Everything that any 20-something-girl loves to talk about and I’m excited to get started!